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Survivors of physical and psychological trauma are often reluctant to receive help from the “talking therapies” of counselling or psychotherapy. Their life-style may be changed, their self-image may be changed, their status at work may be changed, and their future may also be changed. But emotionally, they feel they have been left on their own to cope as best as they can. Little attention is paid to the way a person’s spirits have been “crushed” and the way they have lost touch with any “spiritual resources”. Some say “My world has caved in”, others say “I can’t get going”. Friends see the traumatised person as unable to cope, and in need of a little help to restart the healing part of their brain.

At Cairnmillar people who have experienced a significant trauma in their life are helped to find new ways to cope and regain resilience, to grieve their losses and gather resources to rebuild their self-worth and begin their life in a different direction. Cairnmillar has psychologists who are experienced trauma therapists who are available for individual and group therapy, emergency crisis counselling and professional training.