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Many people realise that at some point in their life they need a professional person to listen to their issues and to help them sort through their concerns. But they see many barriers – who is the right kind of person to talk to? They put it off, family members tell them to “get over it” and then there is the cost.

Some decide not to seek help, but in the longer term their sense of well-being diminishes and their health suffers. They become irritable at work and hostile toward family and friends. Relationships, marriages and families begin to fracture. They may become at a loss to know what to do and become even more anxious and depressed.

A range of new coping skills become necessary. A number of cognitive and behavioural changes are needed. Talking it through with a trained professional can lead to a deeper exploration and reorganisation of individual emotions and moods. It can mean the difference between a person stuck as a life casualty or one who has embraced a new vitality and a different view of themselves, their world and the people in it.